Live Shows to look forward to.

Looking forward to shows is so much better than looking back on shows. Yes of course, looking back on shows allows us to reflect on times gone by and the wish for those "good old days" to return. But the looking forward to new live shows, new books, new films, new music, new times is infinitely better. What new dreams may come? What amazing never-before-seen thing will happen?

*if you have any of the above machines you can disregard the need for looking forward or looking back.

Well, let me tell you, that if you aren't THERE to ACTUALLY see the NEW thing that happens LIVE, you just HEAR about it SECOND HAND. Second hand might be okay when we're talking about finding a cool pair of second hand pants but when we are talking about a mind-blowing live show... you really had to be there. The good news is, there's still time, remember, I'm talking about shows in THE FUTURE not shows in THE PAST. Get to the live shows and EXPERIENCE the moments.

Saturday, Nov 29th at the Good Will Social Club

The Talent show showcase and show-off between two Winnipeg arts organizations. 

Art City vs The Graffiti Gallery

The Good Will Social Club is a new venue that opened up in the ashes of Pop Soda's (not the actual ashes... ). Look for more upcoming live shows happening there in the future.

Tuesday, Dec 2nd at the King's Head Pub

7PM the Winnipeg Fringe Lottery (enter the lottery and be in the Fringe!)

9PM the Comedy Knights FREE comedy show. You know that every Tuesday there's a free comedy show that happens at the King's Head. Of course you do. Well... what are you waiting for? Get there and be there and see it and love it.

Tuesday, Dec 16th at the Good Will Social Club

CRUMBS + More!

A triumphant return of the CRUMBS duo in Winnipeg. They have been split in two for too long. Lee has been touring in Europe and Stephen has been touring... doing stuff... in Winnipeg. They are joined by Dj Hunnicutt, who will be playing the improvised soundtrack. What else could happen? What else is this show? What more could possibly be offered? Show up LIVE to SEE.

Other things?

CRUMBS radio
Every Monday at 5pm on 101.5 UMFM

Mon, Nov 24th guests Matt Moskall of the Supporting Act podcast.

Mon, Dec 1st guest TBA

Mon, Dec 8th guest TBA

Other other things?

The Gas Station Arts Centre is going to be getting a facelift... and a whole body reconstruction from top to bottom. Yes, the wonderful and vital GSAC will truly be transformed into an ARTS CENTRE! But every step costs $$$ and we need your help. You can donate, you can help us spread the word, you can call the GSAC and ask how you can help.

HELP make the GSAC even BETTER!